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temple cafe Show-on G Chabou

Shōonji TempleThis is a space that has been partially renovated.


business hours

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


I hope that both disciples and non-disciples will find it a place where they can relax and take a breather, just like the hearths of old.


Friday, November 24th

Temporary closure​

We will be closed due to a memorial service.



set menu
​Snack + Drink


Snack Menu




Snacks for this month (October)

​Gateau chocolate

This month's snack, creme brûlée, uses red beans. It is said to have been a favorite food of Shinran, the founder of the Jodo Shinshu sect, and is carefully cooked by the priest.


Drink Menu


  • blend(Hot or cold brew)

  • espresso

  • cafe latte(Hot or Iced)​

  • ​​Sparkling Espresso



 black tea

  • lady gray(Hot)

  • Earl Grey(cold brew)

  • ​Milk tea(Hot or Iced)



Smells umamiSencha

  • GyokuroGyokuro

  • KariganeKarigane

  • ​Cold Brew Gyokuro Blend Sencha



  • Gokara

  • Gokara chai(Hot or Iced)



 Soft drink

  • sunset orange

  • blue grapefruit

  • peach milk


Flower tea




Our store​Original craft cola


Various materials are used to make incense, which is used to offer scents to Buddhist altars and to soothe fatigue with a pleasant scent.

In addition to fragrant woods, spices such as clove, cinnamon, and star anise are also used.

Many of the materials used to make these incense are plants that have strong bactericidal properties, and this bactericidal effect may have given rise to the image of ``purifying'' because they ``maintain cleanliness.''

This craft cola, ``Okora,'' is made by the chief priest who mixes these several types of spices and boils it down with brown sugar to create a undiluted solution.

​Whether you mix it with carbonic acid or mix it with milk and drink it like chai, I think you can feel the ethnic aroma somehow.

​Of course, we do not use chemical materials, so please enjoy with confidence.



This space was used as a reception area during temple events.

The aluminum sash at the entrance was originally shaped like a bay window, and since offerings were received through the window and souvenirs of worship were handed out, when it rained, the raindrops that fell from the roof would soak worshipers.

When designing the cafe space, we considered resolving issues with the cash register (reception) function, and made it possible for worshipers to enter the building and receive items without being exposed to raindrops.

​As this is a renovation project, the design takes advantage of the texture of the existing pillars, without emphasizing the ``temple-likeness/Japanese style'', and seeks to be unexpected. We aimed for a harmonious and elegant harmony. ​

On one wall in front of us, we have a craftsman who made Echizen washi paper to reflect the text of the scriptures at the techno memorial service.Echizen washi paper made specifically for this space is pasted on to enrich the landscape.

Design and construction SOWCL DESIGN Takehiro Fujimoto

Echizen Japanese paperTaki Paper Mill Hideaki Taki


Shōonji Temple, 36-9 Togo Futikacho, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

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