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The Jodo Shinshu Honganji School General Research Institute (Buddhist Music and Ritual Research Laboratory) examines Jodo Shinshu rituals from multiple perspectives from the perspective of popularizing Shinshu rituals, and invites experts from various fields to conduct public dialogues such as ``Honganji Temple''. "Sabou" is held once a year.

[Theme] Future Shinshu rituals

At the Honganji Sabo held by the Jodo Shinshu Honganji-ha General Research Institute (Buddhist Music and Ritual Research Department), Tengishi Jun talked about how Shinshu rituals will change as the situation of temples changes significantly. I had a conversation with Mr. En (Principal of Gyoshinkyo School and Lecturer at Soai University).

​Chief Chief Interview

[Gadget Communication] 2022/06/06
Is Odori Nenbutsu in danger of extinction?
“Techno Memorial Service” Chief Priest Yukinobu Asakura and “YUYAKU” Chief Priest Naoto Iwata talk about the reason why a collaboration that transcends sects was born

[Tarikiki Hongan.Net] 2020/03/16
A great relationship lies ahead of my career in music|Interview with Yukinobu Asakura <Part 1>
Is the techno memorial service ``Knowing the past and new''? |Interview with Yukinobu Asakura <Part 2>

[Digimart] 2020/01/14
“Techno memorial service” Yukinobu Asakura appears on “Serato x Roland DJ Start Here”!

​DJ202 Tutorial

[Megane Newspaper] 2019/12/24

Learning the importance of “relationships” through glasses [Interview with Yukinobu Asakura, Chief Priest of Shōon-ji Temple, “Techno Memorial Service”]

``Techno Memorial Service'' is a new form of Buddhism - A conversation between Chief Priest Yukinori Asakura and media artist Kenichi Kawamura

[Gadget Communication] 2019/04/25
CD sound source also released! Interview with Chief Priest Yukinobu Asakura from “Techno Memorial Service” appearing on “Nico Nico Chokaigi 2019”

[Bunshun Online] 2018/11/11

DJ Chief Priest, a Perfume fan, talks about “leaving the temple” and “techno memorial service”

Take a trip to the Pure Land at a techno memorial service. The unique attempt was born from Perfume and a sense of crisis towards the temple.

[Gadget News] 2018/05/02
Niconico Super Conference 2018: “Techno Memorial Service” was a huge success! Chief Priest Yukinori Asakura ``The collaboration was very stimulating.''

[ORICON NEWS] 2018/04/30
“Techno Memorial Service” becomes a hot topic on “Nico Cho” A “freestyle” monk who overturns stereotypes

[Digimart] 2018/02/21

A fusion of techno and Buddhism! ? Let's take a closer look at the current hot topic of techno memorial service!

[Asahi Shimbun DIGITAL] 2017/12/30
Brightly colored lights on Buddhist statues Techno memorial service “Amida is the presence of light”

[Nico Nico News] 2017/10/26
"I want young people to enjoy Buddhism" - Namu Amida to the tune of techno.
The thoughts that the former DJ chief priest put into “Techno Memorial Service” were precious.

[with news]2017/02/27
Too innovative! Techno memorial service destroys "fixed ideas" What is the DJ chief priest's thoughts?

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