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​Songs that make you feel Buddhism

From my personal point of view, I would like to introduce a song that I feel is connected to the idea of Buddhism (particularly Jodo Shinshu).

the only flower in the world
​SMAP・Noriyuki Makihara・etc.
Lyrics and music: Noriyuki Makihara

​SMAP, it is one of the most loved songs of the Heisei era.

This song seems to be based on Buddhist ideas rather than a Buddhist feel.

Makihara was inspired by Buddhism (Jodo Shinshu) after receiving counseling from a Jodo Shinshu monk during his rehabilitation from drug addiction.

At the time when this song became a hit, I was shocked to see that the ideas that the monk wanted to convey were able to reach the hearts of so many people thanks to this song.

I feel that this is a very wonderful Buddhist hymn.

The teachings that inspired the lyrics

[Tenjo Tenka Yuiga Dokonson]


BuddhaThese words are said to have been uttered at the time of God's birth, and they mean that each person is a precious being.


[Blue light, yellow yellow light, red red light, white white light]

"Amida Sutra"ofparadiseThis passage describes the colorful lotus flowers blooming in a pond, and means that ``each flower makes use of its own individuality and respects each other.''


Gen Hoshino
Lyrics and music: Gen Hoshino

Theme song of Fuji TV's Wednesday drama ``Kokoro ga Pokitone'' (2015).

The lyrics are full of words reminiscent of Pure Land Buddhism.

Honganji sect monkMasako MinatoA group of Pure Land monks who sympathized with these lyrics gathered together, led by Mr.Obo SUN'' video has been posted on YouTube.

​I was also inspired by this videomovieI tried to publish it.

[Birds sing]

paradiseBirds dancing in the air and emitting beautiful songs.Six birds of paradise”.

[Let me hear your voice]

Amida SutraThe word ``Meigo'' is used in such scriptures.

this is,Amida Nyorai"Please call my name" is a wish, and the words "Let me hear your voice" are exactlyAmida NyoraiIt feels like a wish.

[It's like avoiding the clouds and illuminating the world]

Shinran Saintwas writtenMasanobu verseIn a passage ofAmida Nyorairepresents the light of

"Banjo Nikko Covering Clouds and Fog, Underneath the Clouds, Light and Darkness"

(Hinyonikkoufuunmu Unmushigemyoumuan)

(Even if sunlight is covered by clouds and fog, there is no darkness under the clouds or fog.)

It makes me think.

​Also,Amida Nyoraioftwelve lightsIt is reminiscent of ``mukako'' (light that cannot be blocked) and ``fukako'' (light that cannot be cut off).

[If your prayers are answered, stay in a peaceful place.]

Because we will end someday

Dancing Now Now]

A “peaceful place” evokes the image of a paradise,Amida NyoraiI feel his ``want to save all lives = fundamental desire.''

Next, I feel the message of accepting the impermanence of a finite life and living to the fullest in the present.

this is,BuddhabutAmida SutraIt was shown to,

"This is the end of a person's life, his heart is restless, and he is immediately reborn."

(Zeninjuji Shinputendo Sokutokuoujo)

(When life ends, without a doubt, immediatelyparadise)

I feel like this has become a source of refuge for me and allows me to live to the fullest in the present. ​

[It's clear and it's like saving the world]

Amida Nyoraioftwelve lightsIt reminds me of the ``pure light'' of ``purifying light''.

[Everything goes as planned]

​48 wishes (48 wishes) was completedAmida NyoraiIt reminds me of the state of ``Satori''.

​* This is just a personal opinion.

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