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Buddhist altar accessories


I tried making handmade accessories using materials from ``Yoraku'' and rosary beads.

Enjoy the string parts, beads parts, and beads cluster parts by joining them as you like.

Please note that this is not a "talisman".

We hope you will wear it as a token of your gratitude for the various connections you have made.


All parts 1 piece ¥500

​ (Earring attachments are included)



​[Giant Parts]


"瓔珞(Yoraku)'' is a decorative item used in the inner sanctum of the main hall and on the Buddhist altar, but originally it was an accessory such as the necklace of Indian kings and aristocrats.statue of bodhisattvaIt decorates the chest.

I imagine that its brilliance was used to represent the Pure Land of Paradise, and that it became a Buddhist implement.

Therefore, it may be said that the use has been returned to the way it was used before it became a Buddhist altar tool.


[Bead parts]


Prayer beads​ are tools used during worship, and are made from the fruits of trees such as the linden tree and various precious stones.

In recent years, an increasing number of people are wearing bracelet-like ``arm beads'' as a fashion statement.

This accessory has three beads, and is not in the shape of a ring like a rosary, but``3'' is said to represent transcending two opposing ideas such as existence, life and death, good and evil, victory and defeat, and is a number cherished in Buddhism.


[Bead string parts]


It is made by tying together silk strings that are commonly used for beads.

Seen in ordinary beadsleaf(Kanou)``Shakyadama'' used in knots and high-quality prayer beads(Shakadama)It has been used for a long time as a decorative string for celebrations.It is combined with ``Kissho knot''.

The handling is

Show-on G Chabo In-store only

Please note that we do not support mail order etc.

​Friday, Saturday and Sunday 13:00-17:00

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