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​Annual event schedule

revision meeting

​January 1st

​This is a memorial service at the beginning of the year.

​I will start work after ringing the New Year's Eve bell.

​Thanks to all of you, we welcome the new year.

spring eternal sutra

First Sunday of April

I would like to express my gratitude for the work of our many predecessors who have passed on the teachings of Nembutsu, the sutras, from the time when Buddha was alive about 2,500 years ago to me who is alive today. I am working very hard to make sure that I can do my best.

​This is an event that conveys the teachings of the Nembutsu, ``Sutra,'' from the distant past to the present, and from the present to the future.

flower festival

May 3rd

It is a puja to celebrate the birth of Buddha by pouring sweet tea on the birth Buddha, and is also called Kanbutsue.

It is originally supposed to be held on April 8th, but at Shōon-ji Temple, it is held on May 3rd during Golden Week.

We are planning a techno memorial service and various live music events, and are looking forward to your visit.

Last Saturday and Sunday of July

​Oyori Eitaike

The meaning is the same as the spring Eidaikyo.

​Before Obon, we will serve as an opportunity to connect with the deceased and connect with the Buddha.


October 25th/26th

At Hongan-ji Temple, we will hold a memorial service for Shinran Shonin's death anniversary, ``Gosei Hoonko,'' on January 16th (November 28th in the lunar calendar), but before that, we would like to commemorate the Nembutsu we received from Shinran Shonin at a general temple. It is an event of gratitude.

It is a memorial service held at many Jodo Shinshu temples in Fukui Prefecture from October to November, and at Shōon-ji Temple, it is held on this day every year.

New Year's Eve Bell

December 31

​At Shōon-ji Temple, visitors ring the New Year's Eve bell.

We hope that you will visit us with the feeling that ``Thanks to you, we were able to spend this year as well.''

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